Getting Started with R/C Cars/Trucks:  

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Monster trucks, short course trucks and buggies. If it exists in the real world, you can find an RC (radio control) car just like it. RC cars and trucks can have 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel independent suspensions and transmissions. They range in speed from slow car crushing monster trucks to 100 mile per hour electric cars.


Learn about the hobby: Stop by Ray & Robin's and learn about the different kinds of cars and trucks available. We can also put you in touch with local car clubs and car modelers.

What type of car / truck should I choose: Most beginners start with a fairly rugged electric short course truck like the one pictured to the top left above. These cars are powered by electric motors which makes them a little less complex than gas cars. They also have good ground clearance so that they can be driven in a variety of locations. Below are some other kinds of cars and trucks available.

What type of power do I choose: RC cars can be powered by either electric motors or "gas" engines (gas really means glow fuel - a combination of ethyl alcohol and nitromethane). Both gas and electric cars and trucks are easy to operate, though for beginners who are just learning to drive it makes sense to purchase a car or truck with an electric motor to further simplify the learning curve.

Short Course Trucks:
        For everything in RC, Short Course Trucks can race/bash and even go through water. Short Course racing has taken off like wild fire across the country, including the Maine Hobby Center race track in the basement of the store. They are fast, fun and tough trucks. Short Course Trucks come in 2WD and 4WD; in both brushed and brushless versions.

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Off-Road Gas Buggies:
        In the last several years "gas" engines have become easier to use and more reliable, allowing drivers new to the hobby to enjoy the thrill of gas power. Gas buggies typically have full-travel suspensions, high ground clearance and knobby rubber tires give them the ability to tackle virtually any terrain with ease. In the backyard, on a dirt track or at the park, they're great fun!



On-Road Cars:
        On-road cars offer minimal suspensions, sleek, sophisticated looks and foot-to-the-floorboard speed. While experienced on-road drivers dream about racing on tracks such as Lake Whipporwill, an on-road car can easily be run on a smooth street, parking lot, or any other (relatively) flat, paved surface. And whether you decide to go gas or electric, 1/10, 1/12 or even 1/4 scale, there's impressive variety and authenticity in store.


traxxas monster truck

Monster Trucks:
        Compared to their prey, Monster Trucks are gigantic, the undisputed kings of any group of R/C vehicles. Designed for torque instead of speed, these car crushers growl and rumble their way up hills, down slopes and over unsuspecting cars by virtue of sheer, brute power.



stadium Truck by losi

Stadium Trucks:
        Run for backyard fun, or head-to-head racing, R/C stadium trucks are the fast masters of "bump and jump" excitement. With their heavy-duty suspensions, oversized shocks and large tires they're built to take punishment and can survive soaring jumps and crushing touchdowns that would disable most vehicles.

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